Employee Services

Making your way through the minefield of Pensions & Employee Benefits can be a daunting task at times!  Sometimes just trying to wade through the jargon and pages of documentation that you get sent means that it gets put to one side, joining the pile of other "important" information on the kitchen work surface...

At Demna Consulting we understand that sometimes a little help is needed, and so we don't just focus on the services we can provide to your Employer, we also focus on you.

Working for an Employer that provides you with a Pension Scheme and Employee Benefits package gives you a great opportunity to save for your future and potentially even provide protection for you and your family now. 

Whatever stage of your life you are at, it is likely that you will have questions or need a little guidance in relation to your finances both in and out of work.  Our advisers have worked with and helped advise and guide employees on all aspects of their benefits and are best placed to help you with any questions you may have.  Hopefully the following gives you a flavour of the services we can provide to you:-


  •  Retirement Planning

    Advice, support and guidance covering all aspects of planning for your retirement, including pension investment fund selection, how much you should contribute, State Pension assistance, transferring and consolidating your pension arrangements and helping you to understand how pensions work.

  • At Retirement Advice

    Advice, support and guidance covering all of your options at retirement, including annuity advice and purchase, income drawdown, phased retirement, enhanced or impaired life annuities and State Pension assistance.

  • Protecting yourself and your Family

    Advice, support and guidance in relation to the different types of protection insurance available, including Private Medical, Dental, Income Protection, Critical Illness and Life Insurance.

  • General Financial Advice and Investments

    Independent Advice, support and guidance tailored to your needs, covering the whole of the market and not simply restricted to products or solutions from certain providers.

The list of services above is not exhaustive and hopefully demonstrates the breadth of services Demna Consulting can deliver.  For more information on how we can help you please do get in touch.