Trustees Services

Acting as a Trustee of an Occupational Pension Scheme can be a daunting task - keeping up to date with all the changes in regulation and legislation can be a full time job in itself.  While some Schemes are governed by Independent Professional Trustees, the majority are still run by individuals, most of whom are holding down a full time job as well!

With the responsibilities held by Trustees becoming larger by the day and the Pensions Regulator taking a microscope to the activities of all Occupational Schemes, it is vital that Trustees are backed up by professional, reliable and trustworthy advisers.

With over 20 years of experience in advising pension scheme Trustees, our advisers are best placed to help you in all aspects of your Trustee role, and hopefully the following gives you a flavour of the services we can provide:-

  • Secretarial Services

    Acting as the Secretary for the Scheme including preparation and production of all agendas, minutes and documentation required for meetings and maintenance of a library of key documents and decisions taken.  Also includes acting as a central contact point for all Scheme matters and ensuring all queries are dealt with appropriately


  •  Advisory Services  

    Advice, support and guidance to the Trustees on all Scheme matters including regulatory and legislative changes, annuity purchase, setting the funding valuation assumptions, recovery plan negotiations, scheme design, closure and winding up.  

  • Regulatory and Governance Services

    Advice, support and guidance in respect of the risks associated with running an Occupational Scheme including regular audits of Scheme documentation and member records, production and maintenance of a risk register for the Scheme, production and maintenance of the terms of reference for the Scheme with which all Trustees should adhere to, all reporting required to the Pensions Regulator and the production and maintenance of a conflicts of interest register.

  • Investment Advice

    Provision of investment advice incorporating an in-depth analysis of the Schemes assets and liabilities using stochastic and cashflow modelling to determine the most suitable asset allocation. Advice on the most suitable investment funds to invest in or the most appropriate Discretionary Fund Manager to use, including advice on setting suitable benchmarks to measure performance against.


  •  Trustee Training

    Advice, support, training and guidance in relation to all aspects of the Pension Regulator's Trustee Knowledge and Understanding requirements, including one to one or group training sessions on specific or general pensions knowledge, step by step tuition for completion of the Trustees Toolkit and comprehensive training packages for new Trustees. 

  • Member Communications

    Preparation, production and distribution if needed of all Member communications including Statutory notices such as Summary Funding Statements, newsletters, general communications and presentations regarding scheme changes as well as specific communications relating to upcoming retirements and choices.

The list of services above is not exhaustive and hopefully demonstrates the breadth of services Demna Consulting can deliver.  For more information on how we can help you and your Pension Scheme please do get in touch.